What is a Fine Art print and Letterpress?

Fine Art Prints are available in two categories:
Giclée (zhee-KLAY), Is a Fine Art inkjet digital print. Images are in small runs printed on Canvas or Archival paper using Professional grade printers. Each print is on high quality paper or canvas using Inks that are color fast for 200 years.
Letterpress is the oldest form of printing. In this method a surface with raised letters and art is inked and Pressed into the surface of the paper to reproduce an embossed inked image. Each sheet of paper is printed by hand one at a time.

What is Original Art?

These are select original art pieces.

Original Art

Original Paintings and Drawings
Each of the pieces of art presented on this page is an original creation by Val Paul Taylor.

All Paintings are done in Acrylic paint on paper, and mounted to a hard board panel. I paint using thin pigments and glazes so my work has little texture. The painting is then finished with a protective satin coating enhancing the beautiful surface. Many of the paintings are indicated as "Framed" and are shipped ready to hang and enjoy. If you prefer to frame the painting locally let me know and I will ship it without the frame. The sale price is the same. Price includes shipping.

Original Drawings
Drawings are all original works. Some are in pencil and some in pen and ink, medium and size is indicated in the description. Each are on quality drawing paper or tracing paper (which is my favorite surface) and mounted to a firm sub board. All are signed and dated. Many of the pen and ink images are from my original sketch books and were used to create the letterpress prints available on the site. All are signed and numbered and are presented in a 10x8", double matte.